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Cornerstone’s mission is "Building a Family in Christ to Reach Families for Christ." A vital part of that mission is empowering and encouraging every home to fulfill its God given role in making disciples who can make disciples by winning, building and equipping followers of Christ. We desire that every family strive toward creating a God-honoring home. We believe that the home is the most influential place in the life of a child and any other family relationship. Home Pointe ministries is committed to empowering and building families. Check out our Home Pointe Resource Center in the foyer of the church building!


Home Discipleship at Cornerstone means that homes should...

Show Christ,  Raise Believers, and Be Jesus. Click here to learn more



We all share good news with others, whether it is about a new job, a great vacation or what Jesus Christ has done for us. Share the Good News by telling His story through one verse evangelism and telling your story by creating a personal story of faith.

Tools and Resources


Tell the Story Guide  



Couples Date Night

Family Interview

Upstairs Downstairs Activity

Good News Activity



Tell Your Story Card



Tell the Story Audio Podcast



God Loves You



HOW TO SHARE YOUR FAITH- One Verse Evangelism


Check out our complete list of resources in our library that you can access here Online.


Use these images to put on your personal devices to remind you to get in God’s Word individually, as a couple, and as a family.




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